Thursday, February 9, 2012

VlogMoms ~ Pregnancy and Parenting Advice

This week for VlogMoms, Theresa from Rock On Mommies asked us "What is the best & worst(or weirdest) parenting or pregnancy advice you received? It's been so long since I was pregnant I had to make my brain work on this one!

So how about you? What's the best/worst/or weirdest advice you've received as a parent? Comment below, or break out your camera and join us!


Julie said...

yes yes yes!!! Let them help! That's SUCH good advice.

Theresa said...

Seriously!! Why do people feel the need to tell you what they think! LOL Great advice! I'm horrible about excepting help. Also, the end of your vlog totally made me tear up!

Annie said...

Great vlog Amy! I learned after my first pregnancy to let people help me with the 2nd. I was all "I can do this" with my first. LOL

Mommy Reporter said...

Such good advice!!! I still need to work on letting people help me, but during my pregnancy, especially toward the end, I had no problem letting people help me and making my life easier!!!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I agree. I've always had a tough time accepting help. I just don't want anyone to feel put out.

Oh boy, have I done a lot of sock digging in my days!

You're adorable!

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