Thursday, March 15, 2012

#VlogMom A Day with a Celebrity (but which one?)

This weeks topic for #Vlogmom comes to us from Rachel Ferrucci, "If you could spend the afternoon or go out to dinner with a celebrity, who would it be?" This was a hard one for me so I'm curious who you would spend time with? Make a video and link up, or leave your answer in the comments below!


Andrea said...

All great choices! But I can't stop thinking about your couch. How do you not nap there all day long!?? It looks so comfy ;-)

Julie/@justprecious said...

I'd love to get into the minds of JK Rowling or Sandra Bullock.

Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

O!! Heidi Klum! That is a good one! and I agree about Sandra Bullock too!

Mommy Reporter said...

I would love to spend time with JK too. Since she was a single mom on welfare, where I have been too, I know I could totally be inspired by her!!!

Annie said...

I am not sure I'd pick JK, but yes to Sandra Bullock! I bet she is super fun to hang out with!

It really is hard to narrow it down to just ONE :)

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