Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Disney World AGAIN?

My family and I enjoy traveling to Walt Disney World in Florida. In fact, that might be an understatement. We enjoy it so much we have made several trips to Disney World over the last few years. I frequently am on the receiving end of the question, "Why Disney?" Watch the video for my answer!


FiddleDeeAshley said...

It would have to include Mickey ears, a Princess bow and maybe a little pirate hook finger at the end with a big "arrrrrg"!

ResourcefulMommy said...

It must include pixie dust. Just has to.

Bay Staley said...

I'm so awkward for secret handshakes, but maybe a hand sign for Mickey? Like the "I love you" sign but curl the fingers in to make a mouse shape? lol...I discovered a fellow Disney fanatic the other day and we pulled out our various Disney paraphernalia from our purses...there could always be a card so we'd be "card carrying fans" ... Ok, I'll stop ;o)